About Metal Roofing

A Few Things You Need To Know About Metal Roofing

Recently metal has become very popular as a roofing material. Many homeowners in Houston choose metal for their roofs because it is attractive, long-lasting, and won’t be affected by the long hot summer sun and with so many options available, metal roofing is incredibly versatile.

Professional Installation is Best

The only drawback is that you will most likely need a Houston metal roofing contractor to install metal roofing because few people are themselves familiar with the material. Although this will cost more, metal roofing is quicker to install than traditional roofing so that the price difference will be manageable.

A Number of Colors and Styles are Available

Metal roofing comes in a vast range of colors, and if a homeowner doesn’t like the standard colors, custom colors are also available. Some people even choose a theme for their roof, e.g., painting the roof the colors of the American flag. The potential of metal roofing is limitless, and the only limits are the homeowner’s imagination and budget. Colored metal roofing will eventually fade, but this doesn’t mean it needs to be replaced. All that it means is that the color will be a little flatter; it will still look good.

More About Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is also beneficial because it can add to the value of a property, and even reduce insurance costs in some states. A light-colored metal roof deflects heat from a building in summer, and holds heat in during winter, saving on heating and cooling costs. And although some people believe that metal roofs attract lightning, this is only a myth. Even if the roof were hit by lightning, the metal would dissipate the electrical charge with no harm done. Because it is metal, it will not catch on fire, and so metal roofing is a safety bonus in an area with lots of lightning. Metal roofing is now made to fit almost any roof type and can replace any design. Metal can even replicate the appearance of other roofing materials such as asphalt shingle, cedar shake, or clay tile. Whatever roof you have, you can replace it with a metal roof.

A Metal Roof Has a Long Service Life

The most significant difference between conventional roofs and metal roofs is that metal roofs will last two to three times longer, even outlasting the owner who installed it! Metal roofing is coated with zinc and so acts differently than traditional roofing. A conventional roof begins to deteriorate the moment it is installed, but a metal roof will not weaken no matter how long it is there. A metal roof will pay for itself in the long run due to the added benefits it brings to the home and the resilience of the metal itself.